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What is FOR?

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) is an independent, international initiative dedicated to improving oral healthcare worldwide. In collaboration with more than 130 leading dental professionals and scientists, FOR develops and provides a free online library of clinical videos, lectures, patient cases, e-books, guidelines and much more.

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Dr. Baeza

“With the overabundance of information available to us online nowadays, it seems to me that we are more misinformed than ever. FOR provides a solution to that, a new efficient way of learning and being up to date in a user-friendly way.”
Dr. David Garcia Baeza

Dr. Tallarico

"The practical guidelines, checklists, consensus papers and textbooks make FOR one of the most comprehensive teaching websites available for dental professionals."
Dr. Marco Tallarico

Dr. Chow

“Continuous professional education is essential for clinicians to keep themselves updated and make progress. To me FOR is an important platform for CPE. I learn from colleagues around the world and I am very happy to share my experience with them in FOR.”
Dr. James Chow

Dr. Tabanella

“FOR is definitely the new frontier of dental and maxillo-facial education. It is the most updated library for all different advanced dental specialties and the only e-learning experience where collegues can find the follow-up of each advanced clinical case.”
Dr. Giorgio Tabanella

Dr. Pozzi

“FOR is the best way to spread high-end education based on the principles of osseointegration combined with new, cutting-edge technologies and innovations. It’s a valuable tool to stay in touch and follow-up with all the colleagues that I meet worldwide, who have the possibility to share their clinical experience with the global community and show their evidence-based results.”
Dr. Alessandro Pozzi

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