Building your business – together

We can help you grow your laboratory. Introducing the Lab Resource Center.

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What is the Lab Resource Center?

As your partner, we focus on helping you serve more customers better with a comprehensive range of resources and initiatives, all specially selected for your business.

Grow your lab

Resources to grow your lab

Our program aims to help you increase your efficiency. This is done in two ways. First, we support you with integrating new product and solutions. Then, we help you increase the quality of your services. Discover:

  • Training on using the CAD/CAM system and its restorations
  • Tools for organizing activities that help to build your lab's brand
  • Tools and programs to improve coordination among treatment partners

Grow your case flow


Our objective is to help increase the number of cases your dentists send to you.
We offer a range of solutions that will improve your lab’s exposure, enhance your customers' loyalty and increase the options they can use in their practice. These include:

  • Promotional activities to attract more orders
  • Promotion of your lab's restorative solutions directly to clinicians
  • Loyalty programs to drive more demand to your lab



Get new dentists

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Joint action with us is the key to bringing new dentists to your lab. We can help you to arrange promotional activities and events, and to facilitate networking with treatment partners using:

  • Our extensive sales force and their network of clinicians
  • Events to identify new prospects for your lab
  • Tools and tips available on My account, your personalized online portal


Greg Sederlin, West Hills, CA

"The reps are like my sales force – they drive customers my way. I’m in constant contact with my surgical rep and my lab rep, and together we network with clients. We’re either at study clubs or setting up study clubs, between myself and my clients or between their clients and myself. It’s the ability to have a sales force and still be a small lab. Nobel is my sales force."