Building your future – together

Looking to grow your practice? We can help. Introducing the Practice Resource Center.

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What is the Practice Resource Center?

The Practice Resource Center is a selection of tools and activities designed to help you build your reputation. Our resources can help you gain exposure in your local area so you can treat more patients and grow your practice.

Increase patient awareness


Want to increase patient flow? Then patients need to know who you are and what you do. We can support you with ready-to-use material and customized activities that promote your practice and your expertise. Benefit from:

  • Personalized support to organize patient seminars
  • Leaflets for patients
  • Material for the practice

Boost your patient flow


More patients means more revenue for you. One of the keys to filling your diary with appointments is working efficiently with your treatment network. Supporting each other is important. That’s why we offer programs to facilitate knowledge sharing, enhance teamwork, and much more. These include:

  • Courses on implementing efficient new surgical and restorative protocols
  • Digital tools and programs to improve coordination among treatment partners
  • Tools and tips available on My account, your personalized online portal

Improve your treatment acceptance rate


Communication is key, especially with patients. Being the expert, it's sometimes easy to forget that certain clinical terms and the associated benefits – might not be understood by the patient. Let us help you improve your treatment acceptance rate with communication aids and special courses, such as:

  • Patient communication courses for specialists and their teams
  • Tools to help explain treatment plans to patients
  • Patient-friendly surgical and restorative protocols

Stimulate patient advocacy


Satisfied patients are your best marketing tool. A patient will trust someone who has gone through the same stages of treatment. We can help you use this to your advantage and take your practice to the next level, with the help of:

  • A survey tool for continual practice improvement
  • A handbook for digital media promotion
  • Case promotion training


Dr. Carlos González, Spain

"To belong to a study club is a total experience: academic, personal, professional. The foundation of knowledge is sharing and this is a group which freely shares experiences and interests. Professionally I benefit from the experience of all my colleagues in the group and I apply this knowledge to my practice and my patients. We are a group of young clinicians with high ethical and clinical values and this motivates me to improve every day. Each meeting is a great opportunity to learn from over 25 great professionals at the same time!"

Dr. Jean Baptiste Verdino, Hyères, France

"The referrals react very well to the Esthetic Alliance Program content, because it is very interactive. Because the program shows all the aspects of implant restorations, they are very happy to participate and to ask questions. 

The program has impacted my business dramatically – before, my own patients accounted for 70% and referrals for only 30% of my cases. After the program my referral patients grew to 45%. Another benefit has been that these referral patients now already know what to expect, meaning the acceptance of treatment is close to 95%."

Dr. Isabel Almagro, Spain

"For me it is a real privilege to be part of the Study Club 12.0 here in Spain. Thanks to this initiative, we have created a magnificent group. We are a team, not only during our meetings but also during our daily work. We share treatment planning, clinical experiences, learning interests, training programs, questions, etc. All of these allow us to keep our professional development improving the quality of the clinical outcomes and the communication with our patients."