Prefabricated abutments

A complete selection of temporary and final solutions

Prefabricated abutments: Multi-unit Abutment Plus, Temporary Snap Abutment and On1 concept

A reliable solution for dental restorations

Placed healing abutment. Image courtesy of Dr. Egon Euwe.

Achieve immediate esthetics and function with versatile temporary and final prefabricated abutments that can be combined with all Nobel Biocare implant systems. 

The portfolio includes all the components needed to support temporary and final, single-unit to full-arch restorations.

You can provisionalize implants for immediate esthetics and function using our temporary or final abutments. For situations where immediate temporization is not indicated, healing abutments and cover screws are also available.

Our prefabricated abutments for dental implants are delivered together with dedicated clinical screws and designed for a precise fit. 

Temporary abutments

Temporary Snap Abutment

  • Simplified creation of temporary restorations.
  • Snap-fit functionality with no need for screw fixation during try-in and adjustment of the provisional restoration.

Slim Healing and Slim Temporary Abutment

  • Designed to maximize space for soft tissue grafting and support esthetic results, especially suitable for anterior restorations.
  • Increased space for the mucosa when a temporary crown is in place.1

Anatomical PEEK Healing and Temporary Abutments

  • For single- and multiple-unit cement-retained temporary restorations.
  • PEEK material allows for easy chairside modifications.
  • Anatomically shaped to match the contours of the molars, meaning fewer shape adjustments and an optimized emergence profile in less time.

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Final abutments

Multi-unit Abutment

  • Designed for screw-retained multiple-unit restorations, especially for the All-on-4® treatment concept.
  • Short cone for limited interocclusal space.
  • Wide shoulder for easy positioning of the prosthetic restoration.
  • Multi-unit Abutment Plus together with a snap-on temporary coping eliminates the need for screw fixation during temporization. 

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On1 concept

  • The On1 concept radically simplifies the restorative workflow, as the prosthetic platform is placed at tissue-level.
  • The On1 Base stays in position during the entire restorative workflow leaving the soft tissue attachment undisturbed.

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Universal Base

  • Use as a base for press-on or CAD/CAM restorations on any Nobel Biocare implant connection.
  • Available with two margin heights.
  • Complete package with clinical screw and burn-out coping.

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You can find the complete selection in the online store:

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1 This product may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets. Please contact the local Nobel Biocare sales office for current product assortment and availability.