NobelReplace Conical Connection – proven stability, high esthetics

The implant system that combines the proven tapered implant body with a tight sealed connection

An esthetic solution for all indications

NobelReplace Conical Connection RP 4.3 x 13mm dental implant with an Esthetic Abutment.

NobelReplace Conical Connection merges the original tapered implant body with a tight sealed conical connection, offering you and your patients an esthetic solution for all indications. The implant body mimics the shape of a natural tooth root, ensuring high initial stability for all loading protocols, including Immediate Function.

Why NobelReplace Conical Connection?

Experience the strong sealed connection

The implant-abutment interface is crucial for a long-lasting functional and esthetic result. The internal conical connection offers a tight seal and high mechanical strength.8 This gives the restoration the stability required for a predictable result.

Deliver a natural-looking esthetic result

Soft tissue volume is key to an esthetic result. The built-in platform-shifting feature provides a small ridge on which soft tissue can develop. This increases soft tissue volume and ensures a natural-looking result.

Achieve high initial stability, even in compromised bone

The original tapered implant, NobelReplace, mimics the shape of a natural tooth root. Designed for high initial stability, it's ideal for Immediate Function in both extraction sockets and healed sites.1, 2

Simplify the treatment with a straightforward surgical protocol

The surgery kit has a step-by-step drilling protocol and consistently color-coded components. This simplifies site preparation and ensures a predictable outcome.

Choose between two collar options

Depending on your clinical need and treatment preference, you have the choice between NobelReplace Conical Connection with TiUnite on the collar or NobelReplace Conical Connection PMC with 0.75 mm machined collar. 

Enhanced osseointegration

NobelReplace Conical Connection features Nobel Biocare’s unique oxidized TiUnite surface with grooves (Groovy). TiUnite maintains high stability during healing through faster bone formation, helping to ensure long-term success.34567

Discover TiUnite

Lifetime warranty

NobelReplace Conical Connection is covered by a lifetime product warranty.


Prof. Alessandro Pozzi, Italy – anterior restoration

Situation: Female patient, 50 years old, two insufficient root canal treatments and severely discolored teeth.

Solution: Placement of two NobelReplace Conical Connection implants at buccal crestal bone level with immediate loading in extraction sockets. Final restoration with two IPS e.max® crowns by NobelProcera cemented on NobelProcera Abutments.

View case (PDF, 788 kB)

Dr. Andrew Dawood, UK – full-arch maxilla case with guided surgery

Situation: Male patient, 65 years old, edentulous maxilla, with request for a fixed restoration.

Solution: Full-arch restoration with six NobelReplace Conical Connection implants and a NobelProcera Implant Bridge.

View case (PDF, 2 MB)

Dr. Roberto Villa, Italy – anterior restoration with NobelReplace Conical Connection

Situation: Female patient, 19 years old, loss of central incisor after trauma.

Solution: Placement of NobelReplace Conical Connection implant with immediate loading.

View case (PDF, 1 MB)

Dr. Marwan Daas, Dr. Karim Dada and M. Jean Marc Etienne, France - anterior restoration

Situation: Ectodermal dysplasia cross-linked with multiple congenitally absent teeth leading to typical occlusal disorders. These agenesia are associated with severe alveolar bone atrophy.

Solution: Placement of six NobelReplace CC NP implants using NobelClinician software and guided surgery. Six NobelProcera ASC Abutments serve as screw-retained restorations.

View case (PDF, 391 kB)

How to restore?

Choose from a wide range of prosthetic options

NobelReplace Conical Connection supports the comprehensive range of NobelProcera CAD/CAM dental prosthetics as well as Nobel Biocare's full range of prefabricated abutments.

Discover the NobelProcera CAD/CAM system

Enjoy prosthetic flexibility

NobelReplace Conical Connection features a dual-function prosthetic connection with internal conical connection for abutment-supported restorations as well as an implant shoulder for unique NobelProcera Implant Bridges in titanium and zirconia.

Strong internal conical connection

  • Uniform load distribution with tight abutment fit 8
  • Maximizes soft tissue volume with built-in platform shifting
  • Supports narrow emergence profiles, ideal for the anterior
  • Color-coded for accurate and fast identification
  • Six abutment positions


Prof. Alessandro Pozzi from Italy explains why he is amazed with the NobelReplace Conical Connection implant.

Prof. Alessandro Pozzi, Italy

"NobelReplace Conical Connection merges the well-proven implant body of NobelReplace Tapered with a tight internal conical connection. It is a versatile, easy-to-use implant which performs well in soft and hard bone."

Dr. Albert Vericat from Spain explains why he thinks the NobelReplace Conical Connection implant offers many advantages.

Dr. Albert Vericat, Spain

After NobelActive came onto the market, one of the requests I made to Nobel Biocare Spain was to combine the conical connection with the NobelReplace implant body. I consider the NobelReplace Conical Connection to be the implant that offers the greatest advantages and the best results in immediate placement.

Dr. Eirek Salvesen from Norway explains why he thinks the NobelReplace Conical Connection implant enhances pink esthetics.

Dr. Eirik Salvesen, Norway

An innovative implant system cannot be determined by one single feature. By combining the clinically well-proven implant body of the NobelReplace system with a tight conical connection, the possibility for enhanced pink esthetics is integrated into the implant design. Additionally, the precisely fitting supra-structure makes connecting the abutment a quick and predictable procedure. 

Dr. Sam Hanson from the USA explains why he thinks the NobelReplace Conical Connection implant provides an added value to his practice.

Dr. Sam Hanson, USA

Using NobelReplace Conical Connection in my daily practice was a rewarding experience. The ease-of-use of the NobelReplace implant body remains a major advantage and provides more opportunities for use than the more specific NobelActive implant body. The mere fact that we can use an implant system where the well-proven implant body of NobelReplace is combined with the best-in-class tight conical connection is an added value in the day-to-day treatment of our patients.



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