PureSet™ Trays

Stainless steel trays designed for automated cleaning

PureSet™ Trays – Nobel Biocare

Discover advanced simplicity with the brand-new PureSet Trays. Small practices or large healthcare facilities can enjoy the ease of use and benefit from workflow improvements thanks to the robust stainless steel trays* designed for automated reprocessing.

Benefits of PureSet Trays

Uncompromised hygiene

PureSet Trays are designed for automated cleaning with few manual steps. Tray and instruments stay together throughout the automated reprocessing workflow.

PureSet Tray for the Trefoil system

Organized to save you time

Straightforward layout with easily identifiable components designed to reflect the surgical workflow. Instruments are organized according to drilling protocol.

NobelActive and NobelParallel CC PureSet Tray

Secure retainment of instruments

The surgical instruments in the trays are contained and secured using metal springs.

PureSet Tray metal spring

Freehand trays

PureSet Trays are currently available for the following implant systems, as well as the Trefoil system.**

NobelActive, NobelParallel CC

NobelActive NobelParallel CC PureSet Tray

All-in-one: Store NobelActive and NobelParallel CC surgical instruments in one single PureSet Tray.

NobelReplace CC

PureSet Tray for NobelReplace CC

Store NobelReplace CC surgical instruments in a dedicated PureSet Tray.

Guided surgery

Guided PureSet Trays are currently available for the following implants systems.


Store NobelActive guided surgical instruments in a dedicated PureSet Tray



NobelParallel CC

Store NobelParallel CC guided surgical instruments in a dedicated PureSet Tray

NobelReplace CC

Store NobelReplace CC guided surgical instruments in a dedicated PureSet Tray


PureSet is also available as a prosthetic kit.

Prosthetic PureSet Basic

All-in-one solution in pocket-size dimensions, featuring a complete set of components for tightening clinical and prosthetic screws to their correct torque values.



*PureSet Trays are made of stainless steel except for the PureSet plates and grommets.
**Not all components are included with the kits. Please visit the store page for more details.